Keepa Review

2020/Feb/24/Monday 03:56

Amazon sellers have to be continuously aware of sales data and how to make use of it. There's a lot of activity which goes on in the retail outlet. So, things can easily become like a maze unless you know the right place to look and get results.

As a seller, two pieces of information that you should consider in decision making include the product's sales rank and the price of the product. This is where keepa comes into play with its functionality.

Keepa is a platform with many features but its main feature is based on the marketplace needs of each Amazon seller-sales rank and price charts. Do not underestimate this process, since it is more relevant than current data, definitely.

keepa plugin

What is Keepa?

Keepa is a tool used by Amazon sellers to history of every Amazon item; including their price and sales rank.

Through making use of the extension keepa chrome, you can have this information readily available on pages that you load for all things. Normally the detail is contained under images of the product on the listing page.

Apart from the sales rank information and pricing history provided by the Keepa app, the website also provides the seller with additional tools such as product search, discovery, and evaluation. It is also possible to search according to category for the best-selling products or storefronts of sellers. The computer is capable of providing this information, as it stores user information as they view various products at the retail outlet.

Keepa helped establish one of the most useful lists for Amazon sellers. It's safe to say, because of its apps, that Keepa is a data company that provides information without too many pricing maps.

What are Keepa's features?

The features include:

  1. Allows access to price history of products displayed on Amazon.
  2. Provides notification on the occurrence of certain changes to products.
  3. Compare prices on Amazon with those on EBay.
  4. Import an Amazon wish list for easy tracking.

Keepa Pricing

Keepa used to be free to use but since 2019 has been charged at $15/month. This gives you access to a premium account with full features.

What information does Keepa provide?

Keepa provides information on the product sales level, the price of the used item, the Amazon offer price, the price history, the total number of deals and the new offer price. The best-selling goods and highest-ranking sellers are also published. The free plan is useful in white, but doesn't include all the information you need.

There's just so many things you can find in here. How well you're capable of navigating the app will determine how easy it is for you to find the best products. These products are those that you can sell as many as possible and reach your target ROI.

There's no doubt about the functionality of the app but enjoying all of these features aren't just straightforward. You may still need to spend some time exploring the product information pages of the program with the extension of keepa and lists on the website of keepa. This way you can take advantage of the Amazon market by leveraging all the advantages of your products.

Making use of the Keepa Chrome Extension

The type of information which can be collected has been stated in the earlier parts of the article. But what can you do with the Keepa extension?

It can be used to calculate average sales rank.

It can be used to evaluate product price history.

It can be used to update the prices of products which have been listed for sale.

It can be used to determine your risk profile.

Final Thoughts

The Keepa app is an inexpensive tool which can be used to gain a lot of progress as an Amazon seller. Considering all of its features, it's totally worth paying for and you can then look forward to all its benefits.