3 Ways Sellers Can Leverage Amazon Seller Central to Grow their Business

2020/Oct/21/Wednesday 10:43

Amazon's Seller Center is a facility within the Amazon site that sellers use to manage their online businesses and access help whenever they need it. For new sellers, the seller central can be overwhelming. 

There are lots of things that one should know and even do in the system and it is not user friendly. Though it can frustrate new sellers, the seller central is the gateway to numerous opportunities and resources for sellers. 

In this article, we share some useful tips to help new sellers find ways to manage their Amazon businesses with ease and make the best of this facility. 

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Registering on Amazon Seller Center Account

To sell on Amazon, you need to create a seller central account. Whether you are selling many items or have different brands, a single seller account is sufficient. Only sellers who sell products in multiple regions or continents can set up several seller accounts. 

Amazon provides for two types of seller accounts:

  • Individual account - which is ideal for people who sell 40 or less items each month. Such sellers are charged a minimal fee for every sale they register. 
  • Professional account - which attracts a monthly subscription fee of $39.99. This is ideal for entrepreneurs and companies. 

To set up a seller central amazon , sellers should have:

  • A business name and the real name and address of the owner
  • Contact information including location
  • Bank information
  • Specific regions that the seller is willing to sell and ship products

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In addition to this, sellers are required to complete a seller profile that will be visible to customers. For this section, sellers need to: 

  • Add a seller logo
  • Write the 'About Seller' section
  • Read and accept refund and return policies

Leveraging the amazon seller central

The seller center is the central business management facility for Amazon sellers. To grow their online business to the next level, Amazon sellers can leverage this facility to the benefit in two ways:

Tracking Business Metrics

The seller center holds all the metrics that are important to an online business. These metrics include sales reports and pay-per-click reports where a seller is using PPC to boost sales. Any seller who is interested in growing an online business will also be keen on finding out:

  • How many times their products have been viewed
  • The number of timers their products are purchased and 
  • Customer conversion rates

These metrics will be available on the seller center and will be critical in providing insights about the performance of individual products and how sellers can scale or improve their businesses. To get business analytics, sellers can go to the 'reports' menu in the seller central and download reports in CVS format. In this section, they will find different reports including:

  • Fulfillment reports
  • Sales or business reports
  • Payment reports
  • Advertising reports
  • Returns reports

Sellers can analyse the data in these reports to gain useful insights about their business. 

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Utilizing Product Fields

In setting up product listings, sellers have to use the fields that Amazon has provided. As such, it is critical that they utilize those fields fully to provide as much details as they can and in a highly optimized way. To boost their product listings, Amazon sellers should: 

  • Complete all fields with information that is useful to customers. In the descriptions, sellers should use top keywords to enhance their product ranking
  • Use enhanced brand content feature for private labels to make listings more visual 
  • Include multiple high quality product images that showcase the product from different angles

Populate product information and search term sections with relevant keywords on both public listing and the seller amazon central back end.

Managing Customer Issues

FBA sellers may want to leave customer service issues to Amazon. However, getting involved in customer support enables online businesses to get better results because sellers get to know what customers think about their products and are able to follow-up on issues to ensure they are resolved. One way that amazon central seller can help boost customer support is by providing sellers with reports on returned products on a daily or even weekly basis. 

Keeping track of returns enables sellers identify problems that their products might have. Sellers can then take requisite steps to address the underlying issues that might be leading to returns. In addition to enhancing product quality and ensuring that product listings accurately describe their products, sellers can use email campaigns to improve customer support.

Final Word

Though it may appear overwhelming, the Amazon seller central is a rich resource that sellers can use to grow their business. The business metrics generated by Amazon and placed in the reports and order sections of the seller center provide invaluable insights that sellers can use to make better business decisions. Paying attention to this data and utilizing the help section in this center can be the differentiating factor between sellers who succeed and those that don't.